MFD – MSD – MSFD / UL: 555

FD / UL: 555


The control and safety keys of any HVAC systems. In the case of fire, sprinkler systems alone are not sufficient to minimize the risk to people and property. It is now a commonly known fact that exposure to smoke and toxic gasses is far more deadly than fire itself and is the leading cause of death associated with building fires.

Preventing the spread of steam and deadly gasses requires the installation of fire/smoke dampers as well. while the energy saving products like Constant Air Volumes (CAV) and Variable Air Volumes (VAV) achieving human comfort.

VAV terminal units are available in many configurations, all of which control the space temperature by varying the volume of cool supply air from the air handler to match the actual cooling load. Volume Dampers and Motorized Volume Dampers can control the air volume bringing any HVAC system to its full potential.


Ceiling Diffusers

Slot Diffusers

Linear Bar

Swirl Diffusers


Jet Nozzle


Sand Trap Louver
The visual touch/beauty of any HVAC system. They are essential to the system both in apperance & function. Supply air outlets and diffusing equipment introduce air into a conditioned space to obtain a desired indoor atmospheric environment.

Return and exhaust air are removed from a space through return and exhaust inlets. Ever Trust can provide a wide range of Air Distribution Equipment that are elegant in Shapes and Colors

ODE Star flex

ODE Rock flex

ODE R-flex
System conservation can’t be complete without Insulation. Ever Trust can support your system with the best insulation available.

ODE Star-Flex: Glass Wool Insulation:
* Blankets : Densitys from 12 to 32 Kg/m3 – Thicknesses from 25mm to 50.
* Boards: Densitys from 24 to 96 Kg/m3 – Thicknesses from 25mm to 50.

ODE Starflex Prefabricated Pipe:
* Densitys from 60 to 100 Kg/m3 – Diameters from 0.5 to 12 inches – Thicknesses from 25 to 100mm.

ODE R-Flex: Elastomeric Rubber Insulation:
* Sheets – Density 40-60 Kg/m3 – Thicknesses from 6 to 50mm.
* pipes: Density 40-60 Kg/m3 - Diameters from 6 to 114 mm – Thicknesses from 6 to 32mm.

ODE Rock-Flex: Stone Wool Board:
* Density 60 Kg/m3 –Thicknesses 25, 30, 40 & 50mm.
Prefabricated Pipe:
* Density 80-100 Kg/m3 – Thicknesses from 25 to 100mm - Diameters from 15 to 219mm.
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